Metal Roofing Products & Services

Highest Quality Metal Roofing Products

The Dan Perkins Construction name is synonymous with standing seam metal roofing. We use only the best materials available. Our 24 gauge Galvalume® coated steel with Kynar® paint is the highest quality product available for steel roofing. Couple that with our on-site roll forming techniques done by some of the most skilled sheet metal workers in the business and you have quality metal roof that will last a lifetime. If you prefer the look of copper, we can do that too. Also available are the MetalWorks® shingles for those who prefer the shingle look.

We are so confident in our roofing application techniques that we will warrant our roofs for 5 years against leaking and other application flaws. Just try and find another roofer who will give you that kind of assurance!

We Buy United States Steel

We stay close to home in all of our purchasing because we know how important it is to support our local economy. Primarily, we are the local manufacturing in that we use pre-painted coil steel to make trims in our fabrication shop and roofing panels at the job site. The steel coil we use comes from McElroy Metal, who in turn buys paints and slits master coil from US Steel. US Steel manufactures master coil with product bought from Mittal who buys Iron pellets from Cliffs Natural Resources, the owners of the local Iron mines in our town. Not all of the steel we use can be traced directly back to our mine because of the global nature of the steel industry, but we have chosen the distribution chain that most likely result in local trade, supporting local jobs.

A craftsmanship that shows.