Venting and Insulation for Your Roof

All roofs need proper insulation and ventilation, but nowhere are the consequences for improper insulation and ventilation design more problematic than here in the winter conditions of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

Ice dams and water infiltration due to ice dams are a common  result of improper insulation and ventilation design. Other problems that can occur when insulation and ventilation are not adequate involve condensation issues inside the building envelope where warm moist air escapes through the building and condenses into frost on the cold surfaces it encounters on the inside of sheathing in the attic area.

Often these problems are difficult to address when retrofitting a new roof onto a home especially when cathedral ceilings or addition tie-ins make it difficult or impossible to access the insulation or venting areas from inside the building.

Many people have called Dan Perkins Construction searching for a metal roof that will shed the ice build-up that is occurring on their roof. We always explain that ice dams need to be addressed at their root cause and we always design proper insulation and ventilation into the roof system we prescribe as the solution to these problems.

Read Dan’s complete pdf article on metal roof venting and insulation.

Built-up Ventilated Roof Details