Dan Perkins Construction hits Twenty Year Mark

This year Dan Perkins Construction completed twenty years in the metal roofing business. There are a number of milestones we have met in these couple decades of practice the biggest one being shear survival, which is no given in the roller coaster economy of construction in the Upper Peninsula or anywhere else for that matter. Any builder who has navigated a construction through a few building cycles knows that it takes a certain will power and pride to make the sacrifices necessary to maintain a crew and customer service when times are bad.

The accomplishment that means the most to me is the fact that we installed a quarter million dollars of donated roofs during this timeframe. We actually installed 6 volunteered metal roofs in 2016, the last one being the pavilion roof at Lions Field in Chocolay Township. That was the roof that brought us over $250,000 given back to the communities where we do business. Another major milestone for DPC this year includes hitting the 1500 installed roof project mark. We have now installed over 1500 commercial and residential metal roofs- blind fastened, all top quality products whether they are Standing Seam or Metal Shingles.

To me this is a year of proud reflection. Everywhere I drive I see our roofs. The very first metal roof we installed was for Dr Chris Wilkenson in Marquette and it looks like the day it was installed. Overall we have done well by our customers, colleagues, employees and community and we plan to continue doing so. As I focus on the future I am drawn to the local economy and community. There is so much opportunity to build a Utopia here in so many ways and there are many people working on projects for the benefit of all of us. It is very fulfilling to be a part of this.

Thank you to all of our customers, builders, and employees for twenty successful years. Dan Perkins.