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Posts by Dan Perkins

Goals for 2017

Typically this time of year finds us rethinking our systems so that our company can run better, more efficiently and with better results. We review our installation techniques and propose improvements, We also clean up and maintain all of our metal working tools and equipment, making sure that everything is operating smoothly and making good product for…

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Dan Perkins Construction hits Twenty Year Mark

This year Dan Perkins Construction completed twenty years in the metal roofing business. There are a number of milestones we have met in these couple decades of practice the biggest one being shear survival, which is no given in the roller coaster economy of construction in the Upper Peninsula or anywhere else for that matter. Any builder who has navigated…

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Strong Metal Roofing

People often ask me why we specify the heavier 24 gauge steel in our roll-formed metal roofing panels when we are already a fairly expensive option. 24 gauge metal roofing panels are not commonly available through other metal roofing contractors or suppliers but we feel that this upgrade is necessary to meet the challenges of our climate…

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