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Strong Metal Roofing

Heavy 24 gauge metal roofing

Heavy 24 gauge metal roofing

People often ask me why we specify the heavier 24 gauge steel in our roll-formed metal roofing panels when we are already a fairly expensive option. 24 gauge metal roofing panels are not commonly available through other metal roofing contractors or suppliers but we feel that this upgrade is necessary to meet the challenges of our climate in Northern Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

The snow loads that accumulate on the rooftops in our area can be daunting and while local building codes have mandated that roof structures be strong enough to handle them, often the roofing products themselves are not up to the task of handling the substantial weight especially when it moves across the roof surface.  We manufacture every component of our roofing systems in our shop and on the jobsite and we use 24 gauge steel for every part of our roofs. Dan

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