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North Eastern Wisconsin and the Western Half of the Upper Peninsula boast some of the nicest waterfront in the country with thousands of inland lakes nestled in pristine North woods settings. The climate is cool and refreshing in the summertime but extreme in the winter. The proximity of the area to both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan sets the stage for a continual series of snow events created as large volumes of moisture laden lake air mix with the cold clippers from central Canada. Roofing in this climate is not for the faint of heart. A roofing contractor has the option of putting on a very strong roof or spending a lot of time dealing with problematic product. A 24 gauge mechanically hemmed standing seam roof is our solution to the challenges facing roofing systems in the Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin area.

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Satisfied Metal Roofing Customers from Land O' Lakes

Project Completed: 2006

Jeanne and I often talk about how fortunate we were to select your firm to install metal roofs at our lake home. As I recall when we first spoke, you were rightfully dubious about a single structure several hours away. Yet, when I mentioned 7 buildings needing roofs, you were here the next day! Never mind none of the buildings is at all large!

The installation was done in January and included the “Michigan roof” approach—a lattice work of 2X4s filled in with insulation. Not only does this enhance insulation (R factor), it also lends a “quietness” to a home that is surprising. You and your people arrived with what amounted to a complete machine shop. One of my friends, who is an excellent tradesman in his own right, came out to observe and left mightily impressed.

You described to Jeanne and me the various types and costs of available designs and the various colors, including those colors that are environmentally attractive. We also learned from our own checking that your firm is nationally recognized. As I recall, you had to take a detour to Florida to “fix a mess” while our new roofs were going on.

Two of the highlights of the design you incorporated were the excellent “shelter” created at the driveway entrance (a place to set luggage or groceries and stay dry while opening the door) and enclosing the damp space between the garage and woodshed (a new storage space was created and now we need not worry about moisture between the two buildings causing rot).

As with all lakehouses, anytime something new is done, there are unintended consequences. Each time something has occurred, you recommended an excellent fix. Two examples. First, the roof on the bunkhouse—on two occasions the bathroom vent pipe was “removed” when snow slid down the roof. Your fix, which has worked very well, was to place a grid around the vent pipe to protect it from sliding snow. Secondly, we noticed that snow sliding from the roof does build up at the base of each building. This became a problem for the bunkhouse and garage which have wood siding—the siding was becoming “ black” at the bottom. Your recommendation was to have stone facing installed at the bottom. The gentleman who performed that task did an admirable job and greatly improved the appearance of the bunkhouse and garage. There is also less wood to stain and I no longer have to shovel roofs!

All three living spaces are now insulated. We have no air conditioning, so this has been a big benefit in the summer months. In the winter, we have noticed that instead of setting the bunkhouse space heater on “5”, we can set it on”1” and be quite comfortable! That space is really a cocoon now! In the main house, we have found that using just the wood fireplace and the fan on the furnace, we are tolerably comfortable.

In short, we are extremely pleased with the metal roofs and with the workmanship and attention we have received and continue to receive."

Bern and Jeanne Fleming - Land O' Lakes