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Satisfied Metal Roofing Customers from Watersmeet

Project Completed: 2009

We installed the roof on the US Forest Service Ottawa National Forest Ranger Station in Watersmeet for IMS Contracting when the new facility was built in 2009. WE installed our 24 gauge standing seam roofing in straight Galvalume without paint. All of our metal roofs have a Galvalume substrate over the steel and under the paint system, but this application has the Galvalume substrate only.

Galvalume is an alloy of 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc. It combines the surface protection of Aluminum with the sacrificial protection of Zinc. Zinc will preempt the oxidation of steel by literally beating the water and oxygen to the chemical bond when steel is scratched and exposed to weather. But Zinc used as a substrate all by itself, Galvanized Steel, has a short lifespan as its sacrificial structure (valance electron in outermost ring) makes it bond with the other elements that weather throws at it and eventually it dissipates leaving the steel exposed. The alloy Galvalume was a breakthrough and now a bare Galvalume Substrate can go 100 years in our conditions without showing rust even with no paint applied. "

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